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Why CrowdFest?


Thanks to our active network of the most innovative and deeply experienced experts working at the intersection of creativity and tech, CrowdFest gives you access to key thought leaders so you don't miss the important connections, conversations and insider insights that lead to bottom-line results. We also love jazz -- so let us provide the musical backdrop for your favorite experiences.  


Our flagship festival: Creative Tech Week.  


From 2015 to 2020, Creative Tech Week featured VR, Augmented Reality, 3D printing, gaming and hackathons, fashion tech, data visualization, digital art, interactive installations and STEAM.  In February 2020, Creative Tech Week was acquired by NEXT Festivals, LLC and became CTW.


The first Creative Tech Week was held in New York City in 2016.  A crowdsourced festival created to showcase the cutting-edge research, art, media, and community initiatives being generated in the field of creative technology, CTW featured over 450 events at over 75 locations citywide bringing together our diverse network of hundreds of esteemed partners and experts to an estimated 10,000 attendees.  Subsequent festival weeks were held in 2017, 2018, and 2019, halted by the pandemic in 2020.

We have over 15 years' experience in event programming

Let us help you put your best foot forward with a well-programmed gathering of the right people having the right conversation, either on your own or as an integral part of a larger festival such as Creative Tech Week, SXSW or TED.

CrowdFest has the capacity to program gatherings from small advisory conversations and monthly meetups, to multi-day conferences and large annual festivals.  We draw on our deep network and our founder's experience planning exclusive monthly gatherings starting in 2000 with Salontrepreneur and continuing with the nonprofit LISA (Leaders in Software and Art) conferences and salons, as well as organizing community focus groups for P&G and helping to plan and program speakers for such customers as Gartner, VentureBeat, L2, Harvard University and the Metropolitan Museum of Art.


Our talent network is unparalleled.

Our extensive access to the world's top creative technologists allows us to discover and attract individuals with expertise about every aspect of emerging technology developments.  When you don't have the skill set in-house to get a clear vision for your next steps, we can introduce you to people who can compare, describe, manage and deliver intelligence and solutions in a full-time, consultative, or advisory role.  


We know and can find creative technologists, programmers, designers, producers, data scientists, front-end and back-end engineers, curators, executive directors and program directors, social media marketers, proejct managers, and artists.  Let us engage in a retained search for you, or develop a recruiting event for you during a conference or festival. 


At CrowdFest Creative Technology, we recognize the power of network and respect diversity of thought in innovation and creative endeavors.  Therefore, we work to extend our reach to all who are deserving, regardless of age, race, gender, or sexual orientation.  If you are looking to cast a wider net, it's one of our great pleasures to help you achieve your goals. Contact us.

We provide primary source research and intelligence.

The CrowdFest team features experienced providers of custom research in the emerging tech and creative technology space, including competitive intelligence, whitepapers, in-depth interviews, due diligence, focus groups and usability testing.  


Our founder's experience in research goes back over two decades and includes conducting user testing for companies like IBM in the mid 1990's, running a popular online market research company from 1996-2001, directing a private think tank for chief information security officers of Fortune 100 companies at The Research Board in the early 00's, and most recently conducting due digence for a group of venture investors.   


We use the principle of transactive memory to conduct our research.  It's the complex knowledge retrieval system that a distributed group of individuals uses to problem-solve quickly and more effectively than any one individual.  As strong believers in the principles of open source and the wisdom of crowds, we leverage our connections during research and fact-finding projects to provide you with the intelligence you need to proceed.  


We communicate within and beyond our network to collect real-life experience from the individuals best-suited to answer your questions and provide you with the interviews, meetings and research deliverables you need to become a creative technology expert yourself.  You'll see the impact of your fresh understanding on your bottom line and in your subsequent interactions with others on your team.

Curation: it's not just for art anymore.


Today's curation means making skilled selection of items within a chosen topic, and then organizing, integrating, annotating, and presenting the set as a cohesive whole.  CrowdFest takes satisfaction in:

  • Curating just the right thought leaders for an important dinner or evening panel

  • Working with you to develop the perfect set of questions when you need both facts and understanding

  • Gathering a selection of top products or finalists for a"best of" review

  • Choosing musicians and other entertainers to enliven and enhance your event

  • Organizing a gallery show or interactive advertising exhibit drawing on the most appropriate artists, physical works and installations for your physical space


If you need an expert curator of human capital, content or experiences to activate a location or event, please contact us.  Need a custom interactive or augmented reality experience built from the ground up? We'll connect you within our network to a selection of award-winning agencies and developers who can deliver what you need.  And now, we specialize in jazz music - so let us book a band for your corporate event or holiday party.

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Scott Draves at CTW2016
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chris anderson's installation
Our work


CrowdFest is a R&D expert network focused on the Creative Technology industry sector.  Alongside our flagship festival Creative Tech Week, we specialize in emerging tech research, bespoke event programming, recruiting, curatorial services and artist management.  While we're based in New York, we've worked with clients and partners across the US and around the world.

Through our events and our research practice, we've gotten to know the most innovative and deeply experienced experts working at the intersection of creativity and tech today.  CrowdFest gives you access to these key thought leaders so you don't miss the important connections, conversations and insider insights that lead to results that matter.


CrowdFest Inc. was incorporated in 2015, but it has existed in practice for many years.  It is rooted in over two decades of management's experience conducting large research projects, recruiting and interviewing technologists, producing large events and organizing communities around topical gatherings.  

CrowdFest relies on personal connections with hundreds of individuals from the Creative Tech Week Expert Network to provide services to CrowdFest clientele.  Most Valuable Players in the network include individuals and companies like the Creative Tech Week team, CTW2016 Experts and Partners, past LISA presenters, and more.



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